mardi 21 avril 2009

Brutal simplicity

Taza, Morocco

Taza, Morocco
There is a certain brutal simplicity to large parts of Taza's medina. Still it is a fine place to wanter with its yellow houses, and narrow and covered lanes that sooner or later brings you out to the outer walls and great views over a wide countryside.
In the central areas, there are several streets with qissarias, covered streets.
Shopping in Taza can be interesting. There is plenty on display here, and everything aims at the local market.

Hanging between the continents

Taza, Morocco

The setting of Taza is one of its main attraction, being the country's largest cliffhanger town. Its north and east rests on a precipice rising up from the countryside below. The town's medina is in parts picturesque. The modern parts of Taza lies below the old town, and is of a certain interest. It was laid out as a French garrison town, and much of its character still reflects its military past. Many will find that the modern town is best appreciated when viewed from one of the several medina terraces.